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Exams and Quizzes

Using LON-CAPA, exams can be administered in a number of ways:

  • Online: proctored or non-proctored. In controlled settings, online exams can selectively be unlocked by proctors. IP ranges can be locked down. Each student gets a different version of the exam.
  • Clickers: clickers can be used to administer short quizzes, and be graded within LON-CAPA
  • Written, using bubblesheets: due to the one source/multiple target philosophy of LON-CAPA, homework questions can be immediately rendered in exam mode. For numerical questions, false answers can either be randomly generated or algorithmically determined by the authors. Exams can be printed "named," in which case students gets a randomized exams with their name (and possible ID-photo cover sheet) at the top, or "anonymous," in which case each sheet has a CODE than needs to be transferred to the bubblesheet to associate randomization and student. Each student gets a different version of the exam, but it is also possible to just automatically generate a limited number of versions. A Scoring Office or scanner operator can directly upload the scans to LON-CAPA for grading.

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